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What makes some Products change their industry and become hyper-successful and some fail? And although there are a lot of variables to this equation, among the top 3 reasons always is the Product Strategy. 

Behind every launch that you find exciting and disruptive, there is a solid strategy defined and led by a product team.

Product strategy covers vision, goals, and initiatives, as well as business models, customer definitions, and a fair portion of research and analytics.


This training covers all mentioned above and some more, in granular detail, with comprehensive learning models and examples.



This training is complemented with a set of templates that can be used to build your own Product Strategy. This is a great reference file with lots of working models to help you create a data-driven, solid foundation for your Product Success.

Training Date and Time: Saturday, Oct 22. 10am Central European Time (CET)
Registrations are open before the 20th of Oct.

This is a one-day 4-hour training. 

Certificates: Participants will receive a certificate of participation upon the session completion.

Structure and Content

  • Product Strategy and Product Vision. Why it is critical to have a Strategy
  • Innovation strategy: Core, Evolutionary, Disruptive Innovation Strategies
  • Product Strategy and Product Lifecycle, Crossing the Chasm
  • Product Vision Board and Business Model
  • Product Positioning Strategy
  • Market Segmentation, Personas
  • Analyzing Product Opportunities




  • Product Roadmap: Roadmap Types
  • Product Strategy and Tactics.
  • Product Development. Initiatives
  • KPIs and Operational Metrics
  • Strategy Validation. Tools and Techniques
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Taking Products to Market
  • Q&A

Student Feedback


The training is very productive and engaging.

What’s more important, the speaker is an aficionado of all aspects of software business management and her vast experience in the industry helps to develop business strategies bringing attention to the details which make a great deal of difference.

Excellent training, highly recommended.

Lusine D., Sales and Marketing Executive

From the very first lesson Lilit infected me with her passion towards this field and amazed me with her analytical thinking.

She is wonderful both as a specialist and as a human being. She has a lot of knowledge to share and she is ready to make time for everyone who seeks something valuable. Lilit is a perfectionist who seeks continuous self- improvement, and if you are lucky enough to be her student, you don’t have another option but to become a good specialist. I highly recommend to turn to her if you have high standards, strive for quality and the willpower to pursue your goals.

Meline S., Product Manager

This was a unique and priceless experience for me. Pushing to develop and grow, inspiring to put effort extra effort in learning every day. You set such a great environment for people who do not hesitate to learn, even when it’s new and hard. Moreover, an environment where people enjoy learning, and take pleasure in constant progress.
This course was exactly what I was looking for, and I am grateful that YOU were the one I met for this journey.

Nare E., Project Manager


Participation and Fees

All participants will receive training materials, templates and a certificate of participation.

Package 1: Training participation – 55 EUR

Package 2:  Training participation, session recording – 75 EUR

Package 3:  Training participation, session recording and 40-minute coaching – 95 EUR

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Package 1: 55 EUR. Package 2: 75 EUR. Package 3: 95 EUR