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This community is for all of those who have made a decision to change their lives, commit to their goals, learn, grow and become better versions of ourselves together.

Book Summaries and Reviews

Feeding our brain is just as important as feeding our bodies. Every month we select 2-3 professional (tech, business, management) and self-improvement (habit building, productivity, impact) books, that I summarise at the end of the month, prepare a PDF with key takeaways and we share our thoughts with the members, as well as vote for the books for the next month.


Productivity sessions are a pure joy for all of those who have a busy schedule, but still is targeting to achieve their goals and strive for excellence.  During these meetings I share tools, techniques and frameworks for better goal setting, progress tracking, and  decision making. We set monthly OKRs or KPIs and define best techniques to achieve and evaluate them.


During Mindset sessions we talk about mindset and paradigm in business and entrepreneurship focusing on technology, innovation, and impact. By discussing case studies and real life examples we define techniques and frameworks that work best.
We also cover speak about mindset to improve our day-to-day activities; mindfulness, presence, and fitness.

News and Tech Updates

During News and Tech Updates we cover all important events in tech and other industries that have major impact on technology and software businesses. 
Innovative new solutions, groundbreaking technology, new releases, investments, acquisitions, IPOs, and so much more covered within 20 minutes with major highlights sent to your email.

Overachiever Packages

  • Standard Overachiever

  • $7
  • Book summaries and reviews
    1 online session a month


    During a 60-minute session I will summarise and review all 2-3 books for that month.
    And plan the next month's books.

    + Session recording

  • Pro Overachiever

  • $11
  • Books + Tech News + Mindset
    2 online sessions a month

    Includes the "Standard Overachiever"
    + one 60 minute session on
    Tech news, industry updates and Mindset.

    +Session recordings

  • Ultimate Overachiever

  • $15
  • Books + Tech news + Mindset + Productivity + Planning
    3 online sessions a month

    Includes "Standard Overachiever"
    Includes "Pro Overachiever"

    + one 60 minute session on Productivity, setting goals, and planning.

    + Session recordings

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Can I receive a summary in an email?

All sessions (Book Summary and Review, Mindset, Productivity, Tech news and updates) come with respective summaries in PDF which are sent via email after each session along with the video recording.

Are there recording available if I miss the session?

Yes, all sessions are being recorded and shared after the session for later review if necessary. Recording are for personal use only and should not be shared with third parties.

What is the duration and hours of meetings?

Our meeting sessions usually last 60 minutes (45 minutes by Lilith and 15 minutes for members to ask questions, share their thoughts and experiences). 
Sessions are taking place either on Sundays or Mondays, around 4pm (Central European Time) / 10am (Eastern Standard Time). 

Should I read along or prepare for sessions?

There is absolutely no initial preparation required from our members. You can, of course, read along (as you will know the books for the next month) and follow the news to discuss during the session, but that is not necessary.

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