Coaching and Mentoring

Every person is unique, so is my approach to every client. Here you can find training and coaching programs that will be tailored to match your specific background, needs, and goals.
Coaching programs offered by me are extremely unique to your business needs, the way you and your business operations work, and the background you have, to build on your strength

Phase 0

Customizing the coaching plan to match your goals

1. FREE 15-minute initial consultation
2. Tailoring coaching / training modules according to your needs
3. Coaching initiation, processes and structure introduction

Phase 1

Where you are vs. Where you want to be

1. Defining your goals and where you want to be in a strategic and tactical way
2. Brain-dump of what you know and how you currently operate, analyzing results you are getting
3. Comparison stage: Gap analysis and identification of the missing links
4. “Decluttering” the current situation and initial restructuring

Phase 2

Building your strategy on your strengths

1. Defining your strengths and skills to build on
2. Creating strategy draft with roadmaps and action plan outline
3. Outlining what you need to add to your skills and knowledge to achieve your goals

Phase 3

Putting it to work and making it happen

1. Training part. You learn all you need to achieve your goals
2. Working together to make your “structure” rock-solid
3. Fine-tuning the strategy and creating a detailed action plan with Metrics to track and KPIs

Phase 4


1. Preparing the environment for transformation
2. Implementing the strategy and putting the plan to work, applying it consistently
3. Evaluating the change process and implementing the knowledge learned in the training modules, making improvements and fine-tuning

Phase 5


1. Mentoring you through the transformation
2. Evaluating, improving and refining your processes

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Book your free 15-minute call today!

  • Basic Plan

  • $290
  • Free 15-minute kick-off call
    1 hour of individual coaching
    1 single session
    supporting materials

  • Standard Plan

  • $870
  • Free 15-minute kick-off call
    3 hours of individual coaching
    2 months to use the hours in 3 sessions
    supporting materials 
    custom guides and materials

  • Pro Plan

  • $2590
  • Free 15-minute kick-off call
    9 hours of coaching and mentoring
    6 months to use the hours in 9 sessions
    supporting materials
    custom guides


What are the items I can get coaching for?

Coaching services include career and business coaching. Whether you are working on your business, in a company or you are just interested in career coaching (in Product Management, Product Marketing, Business Development, Account Management, Client Service Management, and many more) this is the right place to be.

How it works?

During our initial 15-minute call (or a video-call, depending on your preference), we go over the background, your challenges and current solutions. We also define your goals and the scope of work we will do together. After the call you will receive an email with summary, payment link and terms and conditions (contract). After you complete the steps, we schedule the calls based on our mutual availability and we are ready to go!

What will I need? What is the technology used?

We use Zoom for video-calls and email for communication. All of the materials that are customised or created uniquely for you are shared via Google Drive and are for your personal use only. 

Have questions?

Ask your questions and we will get in touch with you shortly.