Hi there! I am Lilith.

I strongly believe that research and data analysis is the key to effective decision-making when combined with vision, courage, and excitement.
My greatest passion is finding solutions and new ways to make the things that are just “fine”, become great and empowering!
I find inspiration in nature, in love with waterfalls and forests. I love painting, you can have a look at my artistic endeavors at Lilith’s Gallery.

How it started

I was an utterly curious kid and the coolest nerd in high school, and I still genuinely embrace the nerd in me 🙂 The perks of my nerdness resulted in not only to learning, observing and working in a wide spectrum of business industries but they also enabled the skill to reverse engineer best practices, detect common patterns in business processes and clearly define specifics and uniqueness of each function and business industry I worked in.

BSc in Mathematics

At the age of 4 my mom has introduced me to positive and negative numbers and getting into groove with my quick grasp of these, she pushed it just a little tiny extra mile further and we then started with fractions; first subtraction and sum, then multiplication and division, then simple equations, the rest is history. Long story short, I decided to do what I loved and study math further, so I did my BSc in Mathematics, more precisely, “Mathematics and Mechanics” and a Qualification of a teacher.

The impact of the years studying math are immense and my methods and frameworks are heavily influenced by mathematical analysis.


MA in Sociology

During studying math I started combining work in marketing and freelancing as a business analyst, project manager, product owner. As much as I enjoyed working in marketing (add to that business development, sales, brand management), I love technology and the application of my professional knowledge. So combining my passion with my day job and studies was a great experience. 


Working in different industries, with different processes and procedures ended up in me realizing the gaps between the quantitative and qualitative perspectives I had. And because I love reading (let’s put it straight, I’m practically a bookworm), and was already quite equipped on theories of psychology, philosophy, economy, it was an absolutely amazing decision to do my Master’s Degree in Sociology. 

Sociology made my perspective broader, provided me with numerous strategies, tools, and frameworks to apply in business. 

Experience built with the TOP Companies Worldwide

Working with leading companies for more than 13 years, I have gained experience that empowers me and my clients.


SAP implementation; Business processes, SLAs, data migration, as well as extensive SAP ERP, CRM, and BI training.


Multiple SAP implementation, customisation, training, transition management projects with various companies in fintech, aviation, FMCG.


Brand Management (Jack Daniels, Patron Tequila, Absolute Vodka), Marketing strategy and Business Systems (CRM, ERP, BI) implementation.


Business automation, systems analysis and implementation, marketing strategy, BTL marketing management and training.

Johnson & Johnson

Software development, customisation, and implementation for J&J “Mentor” (medical devices). Product and Account Management. 


Software system customisation to match the business processes, implementation, user training, client service management.


Product Management of Data processing, validation, visualisation tool. BI customisations, implementation, user trainings.


Product Management and account management. BI customisations and implementation for Market Research and Data Science department. 

Bank of America

Fintech solution (BI, ERP) Product Management. Business process automation system development project and account management. 


Data processing, validation and visualisation tool customisation, implementation, user training. Product and global account management.

Moody's Analytics

Portfolio management tool development, implementation analysis. Research, data processing and analytics project.

Muvik Labs

Augmented sound, digital therapy solutions. Generative sound-based framework product. Business strategy, consulting. 


Tableau implementation training, transition management, and business process adaptation for finance, HRM, FMCG, legal, and medical businesses.

Under NDAs

Various Product management, Business strategy, Marketing strategy and management projects with enterprises in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia in industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical, legal, finance, FMCG, construction, automotive, aviation and many more.

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